News and Events

  • Congrats to Junior Lopez for successfully defending his PhD!

    November 18th 2019.

  • Congrats to Jesper Hagelskj√¶r for successfully defending his PhD!

    October 3rd 2019.

  • Welcome to Anna Barta, our new student assistant who will be working on a fly foraging project.
    September 2019.

  • Congrats to Sophie Seidenbecher for successfully defending her PhD!

    June 24th 2019.

  • Congrats to Jane Martin for successfully defending her PhD!

    April 26th 2019.

  • We have our first little human game ready for playing! Want to be part of our research? Find it for download here (Windows only for now): ApplesGame,
    August 2018.

  • Duda lab is going to SfN's Neuroscience 2018,
    November 3rd 2018 - November 7th 2018 at San Diego, CA USA.

  • Duda lab at the second SYNDI conference,
    May 16th 2018 - May 22nd 2018 at Tbilisi/Mestia, GEO.

  • Duda lab is attending the Brain Conference,
    April 15th 2018 - April 18th 2018 at Rungstedgaard, DK.

  • Junior Lopez is visiting the lab of Larry Abbott,
    December 1st 2017 - January 31st 2018 at Columbia University, NY, USA.

  • Juliane Martin is attending the SfN Neuroscience meeting,
    November 11th - November 15th 2017 in Washington DC, USA.

  • Juliane Martin, and Junior Samuel Lopez Yepez are presenting posters at the Brain Prize Meeting,
    October 30th - November 1st 2017 at Hindsgavl Castle, Middelfart, Denmark.